About Us


· TIGERNU, Original Brand from China  · Unique Anti theft double layers zipper · Self-owned Factory , found in 2004 · Environmental -friendly Fabric · Advanced Tailoring  craft · Superior quality

TIGERNU becomes popular in more and more countries, especially in UK, Netherlands, Russia, South korea  and Southeast Asia .

We believe high brand of high quality cast 。We are on the way to create the top brand, welcome to join us !

Qian ,the founder of TIGERNU, in 1989,he was a designer in a great group, which specialized in making ladies bags .

With the increasing development of internet, he thought more and more people  will use the computers 。However, It’s a luxury  article  for most Chinese people at that time 。How to protect the fragile laptop ? To avoid being stolen。 scratched 。Qian decided to make the super backpack with  anti -theft function and stylish design  for notebook computer,in this way, fjslckj.comes into being。

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